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Workplace Values


We are B.R.A.V.I.N.G. to build trust, for ourselves, the people we support and our fellow employees. With trust in each other, we can focus better on our mission to support happy and health lives.


B.R.A.V.I.N.G. to Trust


We do what we say not just once but consistently. We rely on each other and support everyone to contribute.


We are clear about our boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. We work together to create a place where everyone is heard and valued.

[The] Vault

We keep confidential the information shared with us, and are clear when something shared cannot be kept in confidence for health or safety reasons.


When we make a mistake, we take responsibility, apologize and make amends.  When others make mistakes, we allow them to do the same.


We do not judge others or ourselves when we struggle or ask for help.


We come from a place of integrity: we choose courage over comfort, what’s right over what’s easy, and practice these values not just profess them.


I generously assume the positive intent of others.



IEI is special because we truly care about our clients in every aspect of their lives. We are given great opportunities to improve ourselves, which in turn helps us help them. Work often doesn’t feel like work at all!
— McKenzie
We [at IEI] provide assistance that is necessary in our residents’ lives, on a daily basis. It is rewarding to assist others in this way.
— Stephen
IEI is a place anyone wouldn’t mind calling home.
— Crystal