Upcoming Community Events


Training and Development Opportunities

As of May 2019, IEI is offering a course of American Signed Language. This ten week course is intended to help beginners develop basic ASL skills.

We will be offering other training and development opportunities as they become available. Stay tuned for more.

Check out our Training page for a listing of what’s being offered.


Mission and vision

Our mission at IEI is to assist people with developmental disabilities to live healthy and happy lives by fully participating in home, community and family life.

IEI envisions a world where the fundamental rights of all people are respected and valued. In this world, people are spiritually and emotionally fulfilled, financially secure, well paid for the jobs they perform, and satisfied by the relationships they experience with friends, life-mates and co-workers. In the IEI vision, all people exercise freedom of choice as a routine part of their lives, and encourage each other to actively pursue their life’s dreams.


We are on the list...

Thanks to the participatioin of our employees, IEI has been included on the list of 100 Best Nonprofits to work for in Oregon in 2018. We appreciate their efforts to share what a great place IEI is to work.